Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Yeah, I Know (It's Facebook's Fault!)

I'm gotten waaaaaay behind in the the blogging again. I blame Facebook, quite frankly - I've been dumping all my little quips, witticisms, and other toxic waste in my status messages instead of saving them up to use here.

But recognizing the problem is the first part of solving it though, right?

With that, I will (yet again) try to be more diligent about blogging...


  1. Welp, start postin'

    I don't know if you can do this with blogger, but with self-hosted WordPress (my choice) I have a plugin that allows me to post on my blog, display the feed in FB as a link back to my blog.

    It might be a way of not duplicating work and letting friends know that you are writing typically more lengthy stuff in your blog.

    Just a thought!

  2. I have something set up in Facebook that would snag the latest off the RSS feed for this blog and reposts it as a note on FB. I think I would prefer just posting a link, as it would serve to encourage the actual visitation on this site. Perhaps Blogger has since added that capability; I must go and check that out...