Friday, November 24, 2006

The Creative Flow

Ya just gotta love the holidays. I mean, besides all the food, getting together with family and friends, the food, creating fond memories, and the food, there's all the beautiful and often handmade crafts and decorations (did I mention the food?)

Something about making crafts, whether for display or gifting, really resonates with me. I can even find myself admiring Martha Stewart. I mean this lady is really talented - a domestic MacGyver of sorts. Who else can create a festive holiday centerpiece will little more than toenail clippings and used tampons?

Speaking of which, here's one for the "you have got to be kidding and I wish you were" files. I stumbled across (rather, someone wishing to remain anonymous showed me) this one website, celebrating the many varied and creative uses for - of all things - tampons.

Yes, you read that correctly: tampons. Apparently they're no longer just teabags for vampires (that is what that string is for, right? And I thought Lipton was famous for the "flow-through" bag!) Celestial Seasonings? Ahhh, no - I don't think so...

Anyhow, the URL for this veritable treasure trove of "Ewww"-ness is There, you will find the instructions for creating a myriad of crafts for any occasion. There is even instructions for making your very own tampon shooter. The description for which reads as follows:

The Menstrual Militia is now recruiting! Arm yourself with a Tampon Shooter and report for target practice and tactical tampon maneuvers. Safe for indoor or outdoor use, this air-powered gun fires tampons "bullets" up to 20 feet. Our Tampon Bandolier insures that you've always got a supply of ammo at the ready, plus you'll never have to hunt around for a spare tampon in case you really need one.

Now there's something I wouldn't even touch with a 10-foot applicator!

I'm sure there will be new projects added, so you will need to check back there periodically.

Well, I'm at a loss...

Until next month (if not sooner)...

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  1. Maybe they should have Nicolas Cage be their spokesperson?