Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What Color Ribbon is for "Awareness" Awareness?

I'm feeling a little feisty today (maybe it's the rain - always gives me wicked headaches, or maybe the lack of coffee), and so I bring you today's random thought.

I hate "awareness" ribbons.

There, I said it - and I'm glad I said it!

It was all well and good when someone, somewhere decided to start wearing a ribbon of some color to show support for some cause. But things have seriously gotten out of hand. These things are everywhere, in every conceivable color combination! On the street, everyone's wearing them. On all the weirdowood awards shows, everyone's wearing them - and I'm willing to bet that most are wearing them just to be fasionable, and not out of a sincere support of their supposed causes.

And the colors are too numerous to mention! I even poked around on the web and found that some colors are used for multiple causes (how confusing is that?). And if we run out of colors for ribbons, let's start wearing wristbands to show our support for a whole new plethora of causes.

It gets really hard to take anyone and their causes seriously when they get buried under all that technicolor bling-bling.

[And don't get me started on those who abuse their fame by using the performance stage as their soapbox. Your adoring fans pay good money to hear you sing, not sermonize! But that is a rant for when next I'm feeling feisty or otherwise caffiene-deprived.]

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for supporting whatever you feel strongly about, but wearing a strip of purple paisley fabric on your lapel does not bring about change! How about taking action instead - donate your time, money, and/or talents to whatever your cause? How about lifting a finger (no, not that one!) to do more than to just don the trendy ribbon color of the week?

It's nice to know that you are "aware" of a cause or three (aren't we all?), but the ribbons don't impress anymore. I'm all ribboned out, thank you.

Maybe we all need to start wearing chartreuse and fuscia plaid ribbons in a show of support for "ribbon burnout" awareness. Just a thought.

Now I'm off to show my support for coffee growers and overpriced caffeine pushers. Pass the $tarbucks$, and make it a venti.

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