Monday, November 08, 2010

Long Weekend (not in the good way)

It’s been a crazy past few days.

Friday evening was quartet rehearsal – a really good one at that.  Yeah, we probably spent a great deal more time chatting than rehearsing, but it was still all good (and the actual rehearsing also went very well!) We’re starting to work on our contest songs for the Division Convention this March. Work, fun, work, fun, fun.  More on that in another post.

Saturday consisted of getting up waaay too early, running Bethanie and Thomas to the school so they could catch the bus to attend Band Day as UMass Amherst, take Patti out to Shirley for a craft fair where she had an Avon table set up for the day, take MJ to breakfast in Gardner (Gabby’s Place is a great diner, btw!), then down to (West?) Boylston to the Army/Navy store so that MJ could pick up a sea-bag that he needed, then back to Fitchburg for a couple of hours, go pick up Patti and then crash for a little bit until time to pick up Bethanie and Thomas later that night.  Yes, that was a run-on sentence – but it was a run-on kind of day.

Sunday came, and the day was greeted by a series of very wet “splat” noises coming from the third-floor stairs. Thomas had come down sick with a stomach bug that had been going around.  When this kid barfs, he BARFS! All over the stairs, the wall, and even the upper part of the door frame! How can a 14-year old contain so much semi-digested stuff? “Eww” didn’t even begin to describe it!

That evening was chorale rehearsal, as we are getting ready for our Holiday concert in less than a month.

Wow – what a weekend! Did I mention that I’m sill trying to get over being sick also (which has been the case for over a month now).  On the mend finally, but sheesh!

Just in case you were wondering what happened to my blog posts for Friday and Saturday – I’m suspecting that perhaps Thomas ate them…

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