Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Random Thought on Education

For decades, we’ve been throwing more and more money into education in the hopes that all its problems would be solved, and it hasn’t worked yet (I leave the definition of insanity as an exercise to the reader).

That said, common sense would naturally dictate that the answer is not be to decrease education spending either.

So, if education cannot be fixed by spending more money on it, nor by spending less on it – could it be that the problem isn’t money?


Here’s a thought – how about the education system be allowed to focus more on – get this – education and how to think for oneself (oh, the horror!), and less on social engineering, indoctrination, and shoving politically-correct bullshit down the throats of our nation’s youth?

Here’s an even better idea – how about the educators themselves working on getting back their passion for teaching and imparting knowledge? Whatever happened to that? That passion can be contagious, and those whom we have entrusted to the educators will perhaps pick up on that passion and develop some for themselves in whatever area piques their interest. The lack of this is really one (of many I’m sure) of the main things that has caused our education system to languish.

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