Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Pass The Catch-Up, part 2 (Best-Laid Plans)

Hey, still with me? Cool. Now where was I?

So, I was laid off back in 2012, and have all this time on my hands. What to do, what to do…

My plan before shit went down was to work on my photography education part-time, and then after that find a job as a photographer someplace that I could work on the side while I continue doing the software engineering thing during the week. OK, so that didn’t quite go as planned.

The lay-off did give me the opportunity to go to photo school full-time, which I did. What an experience that was! The staff is all great there, and the 7 of us in the full-time program starting that January learned quite a bit and had a lot of fun in the process. I made some awesome friends there, and still keep in contact with a certain few of them. Some of our group has gone on to become outstanding photographers and artists.

As for me, I do have my own on-the-side photography biz, but no business or marketing savvy whatsoever (ugh!) And I learned that photography is not a bill-paying profession by any stretch.
So while I still struggle to make ends meet (and more often than not, the ends aren’t even in the same county) at least I now have a cool hobby-job on the side that will sometimes earn a little mad money for things.

Speaking of photography, here is the second installment of the black-and-white challenge. Meet Emma, the adorable (and often hellacious) kitty who resides with my niece Teri and her husband.

BW #2 - Meow

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