Thursday, June 08, 2006

Coffee and hot-melt gun on ciabatta? Lunchtime ramblings...

No, I'm not planning on making a habit of blogging about what I had for lunch (whether I have grilled cheese or whatnot for lunch isn't really anyone's business), but bear with me on this. Let the rambling begin.

So, I'm having my lunch - a tomato, mozzarella and basil sandwich on ciabatta that I bought at the $tarbuck$ near work. I love Starbucks despite their exhorbitant prices [I suppose if I am going to let them be my coffee pusher and fuel my caffeine habit, they can pretty much charge what they want], and I really love their TMB on ciabatta sandwiches (kinda like a Caprese salad, which I also love). Anyway, while I'm eating lunch (yes, in my office - sadly I've allowed myself to become too much of a hermit at work) and this email pops up. Seems this one guy has misplaced his hot-melt gun and has sent a company-wide email inquiring as to its whereabouts. This must be one special hot-melt gun to warrant a company-wide email! Carol Duval needs to be told right away! Heaven forbid that a special hot-melt gun turn up missing! (Who's Carol Duval, you ask? She's on that one artsy-crafty show on HGTV in the morning which I will watch when I'm home sick from work - it's kinda fun, sometimes interesting, sometimes boring, but beats the heck out of most of the other swill on TV.)

Anyway, that email just struck me as funny. I'm sure that guy will find his hot-melt gun (I hope he doesn't accidentally sit on it or anything - though that might be one way to find it), and we can all return to our lunches, be they tomato, mozzarella and basil on ciabatta, or PB&J or chicken gra prao (Thai food! Mmmmm!), or whatever.

Ah well, my lunch is finished and I have to go back to work (after stopping by the kitchenette for a cup of coffee-flavored[?] battery acid - hey, at least it has caffeine in it). Hope your lunch was enjoyable (and entertaining) as well.

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