Friday, May 26, 2006

A Blast From the Past

Earlier this week, I was IM'ed by someone I hadn't seen in years (I won't name names, out of courtesy, but you know who you are). We rode the same bus to school and I graduated a year ahead of her. She had found me via Yahoo 360 (hey, it works!) and dropped an IM just to say "Hi". Talk about a blast from the past! It was a brief conversation, but a good one.

Funny thing is, though, I had never given much of a second thought to anyone from back then; high school did little for me other than provide fodder to share with my therapist (just kidding - no therapist). I was, by and large, considered the school geek, and yeah - it bothered me like crazy at the time - but now I like to think I've gotten past all that.

I did go to my 10yr reunion (lesee - holy cow! - that was almost 11 years ago!), mostly on a lark, just to see what everyone was up to. It was fun showing up wearing sandals and a ponytail (if you knew me back from the mid 80's, you'd know that something like that would be a major non sequitur for me). All in all, it wasn't a horrible time there (though the LCS reunions are notoriously lame), and it did confirm that people do [finally] mature if you give them enough time - myself included. I have not heard from anyone in my class since then nor have I even been back for a reunion, but that's ok. Everyone has their own lives, and I have learned to not care so much about what other people think - I think everyone has their own insecurities or issues at some level or other, and it probably drives some to rag on others to hide their own.

BTW - I ditched that whole ponytail thing a few months later. It really wasn't my thing (nor was that nasty "bowl cut" I used to sport back in school, but that's another story).

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