Sunday, October 22, 2006

Rest Area Ahead

Need for Speed 1, originally uploaded by CraftyGuy.

20 days is way too long to go in between blogs. I hate being this busy - I'm really not the type of person who does well going non-stop for long periods of time. I don't think anyone is, actually - it's not healthy at all to maintain that kind of pace.

Oh sure - maybe some people can go longer without stopping or even slowing down. But just like cars, you have to watch your speed - you can only go so long before you either run out of gas or crash.

It has been a busy and - fortunately - productive 20 days, but I do hope that I can slow down a bit now.

I'm gonna cut this short for the time being - it's 7:45am on a Sunday, and it's time to get the kids up so we can all get ready for church. Now there's a great rest stop to pull over at for a while!

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