Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Election Day

Well, at least as happy as it gets. I did my civic duty this morning and voted, however unthrilled I was over the selection of candidates. Ok - I was very much in favor of one of our gubenatorial candidates - I won't name names here of course, but our choice is between:
  1. Someone who is in favor of giving driver licenses and reduced college tuitions - which are best reserved for legal residents of this state - to illegal immigrants. (Sorry Jack - I shouldn't have to pay for someone else's gravy train, thank you.)
  2. An independent candidate who's only running out of spite against one of the other candidates.
  3. A Green party candidate who isn't even a faint blip on the political radar (The "what" party? Let me know when we have a candidate from the Plaid party).
  4. Our current Lieutenant Governor.

None are the perfect choice of course, but IMHO one clearly rises to the top.

I am not terribly optimistic that the person I voted for will be elected - our lovely commonwealth is far too liberal to see straight, but so be it.

Beyond the race for Governor, the pickings were mightly slim for all other offices with elections. For example, our useless, no-op, loudmouth senator will still be in office, all because of his being a member of a certain family (and our state's penchant for voting out of 'tradition' without any real consideration of the person being voted for).

Ah well, at least I voiced myself in the form of my vote. If you didn't vote in whatever elections are being held in your particular locale, then SHAME ON YOU. We (at least for the time being) still live in a free society, and voting is a right (for citizens only, thank you) and a privilege. If you are going to reap any of the benefits of our society, then you should at least do your duty and vote.

That's it for now. Happy voting!

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