Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Day Dinner

Stew and Biscuit, originally uploaded by CraftyGuy.

Today was a snow day. Not just for the kids, but for myself as well.

Our street is not exactly on the priority list of streets in Fitchburg that get attention when the time comes to plow and salt the roads. Sure, the Blazer has 4-wheel drive, but is not being used until some necessary repairs are made to prevent things from bottoming out (one of a number of much-needed repairs that all have to wait until after tax-refund time). Suffice to say, I wasn't about to attempt the 25-mile commute to work today. Fortunately I was able to work from home today.

The kids spent much of the day outside (either playing or shoveling - since my back does not allow me to man the shovel for very long), Patti spent the day resting (having come down with the same headcold-from-hell that the rest of us are just about recovered from), and I spent the day in front of the computer, (mostly) working.

Evening came, and this kind of day cried out for something simple, yet warm and filling for dinner. A quick forage in the pantry revealed a few cans of beef stew and a can of peas, and the fridge provided a couple of canisters of pre-made biscuit dough.

The biscuits were brushed with butter, and topped with Parmesan cheese and a garlic-herb blend, and placed in the oven. The stew and peas came together in a large pot, along with a little bit of allspice and some dried parsley (the fresh would have to wait until the next payday). This made for a totally awesome meal, if I do say so myself! If we had some in the house, I could see having a nice glass (or two) of Merlot with this.

It goes to show that sometimes the best things are the simple ones.

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