Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ice Storm Aftermath Update #2

Just to keep you all (or y'all, or all y'all) in the loop - some really good progress was made today.

The fire department was finally able to come and drain the water out of the cellar (plus turn off the main breaker, as a precaution). The electrician is scheduled to come tomorrow - Patti will be meeting with him at the house (since I'll end up needing to be at work), plus she'll be there to start taking photos for the insurance company. And also, my friend Paul has agreed to cat-sit Angel for a couple of days, so she has someplace considerably warmer to stay.

My stress level has gone substantially in the 24+ hours that we've been at our friend's in North Leominster. Things are finally starting to move in regards to the steps necessary to make our house livable again.

Things are starting to look up...

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