Monday, December 15, 2008

Where We're At

Putting in a quick blog entry just to let everyone where where we're at.

A major ice storm hit New England on Thursday night, and we have been without power since 10pm Thursday. No power, no heat, and the basement (which houses the washer/dryer, furnace and water heater) has been covered by about 8 inches of water. Plus the electrical meter box got pulled away from the house, so Unitil can't do much (other than branch removal from the wires - which is a big step in the right direction) until an electrician is able to make the needed repairs.

We're currently staying at a shelter until all the necessary repairs are done, power restored, and all water heater and furnace have been inspected and/or repaired. As such I don't have any network access except at work, so I can only check in from time to time.

At least the family and I are all safe, warm and dry.

See you in a couple (or more!) days...

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