Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A blog about nothing?

Ok - so I'm no Jerry Seinfeld (just as well), but what the heck. I'd thought I'd get the ball rolling one way or another.

Mostly just put together my blogroll - the list of websites I'd like to share with others. What's missing thus far is a link to Jay Severin's website (because he doesn't have one yet, from what I can tell). I too, am best described as a "radical independent". I agree with most of what Jay says on his radio show, but not always 100% (some of his ideas are a little extreme). But I did add a link to Laura Ingraham's official website - another person whose ideas align fairly close to my own.

And all the the usual suspects are there as well - various websites I like and frequent. More on some of those another time.

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