Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Day After

The elections have come and gone. As I expected, things did not work out ideally. Massachusetts has it's first Democrat Governor since Dukakis (or is that Do-Tax-Us) back in the early 90s, so of course taxes will be on their way back up. Plus Deval Patrick is in favor of giving driver's licenses to illegal residents (I won't use the term "immigrants" here because it would be insulting to legitimate immigrants who played by the rules and worked hard to come here). These same illegal residents would be given reduced tuition to state colleges - yes, this would be the very same reduced tuition that should only be going to legitimate (and legal) residents of this state. This guy will make the Clintons look like Republicans!

On the upside, Massachusetts has elected it's first African-American Governor - most historic indeed, and all well and good in-and-of itself; I just wish it had been someone else (couldn't we have found someone a bit more conservative - sheesh!)

And good 'ol Teddy (cough) is still our Senator - why should I be surprised? He is a Kennedy after all...

At least I can take solace in the fact that we didn't have a hand in re-electing Hillary to the Senate.

But somehow life will go on.

I suspect I'll be in a proper frame of mind tomorrow to start doing normal blogging again. Until then, I will continue banging my head on the nearest wall.

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