Sunday, November 15, 2009

On the Mend

I’m finally feeling better – well enough to return to work.  Of course, I will likely just be working from home tomorrow since, despite feeling better, I do still get into the occasional coughing fit which could be a bit disconcerting to some.  So technically it’s one more day at home.

I normally don’t mind being at home, actually prefer it most of the time.  But I’m very prone to going stir-crazy when confined and have little to do other than watch TV or poke around on Facebook (both fine activities, in relatively small amounts). Fortunately, I managed to dig up the “scrap-ghan” I started working on last year but never finished (due to that whole “ice storm/power outage/being out of the house for six months” thing), and am working on completing it.  I should have it done either tomorrow evening or Tuesday.  Once it is done, I plan on donating it to a local halfway house.

It’s good to be feeling better, and feels better to be doing good.

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