Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fall is Here (big whoop)

I was trying to remain in denial as long as I could, but this whole "falling back" of the clock has nailed the coffin for me - fall is here.

Don't get me wrong - I actually like fall (mostly). I like the changing colors of the leaves, the smell and the sound of those leaves on the ground, also the warm cider and donuts that are widely available this time of year. What I dislike - no hate - is the cold weather (and getting colder). I prefer the warmer, if not hot, days of summer, where the layers of clothing are fewer and lighter - as opposed to the feeling of being strangled and suffocated under a dozen layers of heavy fabric (though flannel and crocheted afghans are a nice consolation). Also despised are the shorter, darker days. The decreasing sunlight is just downright depressing.

This is the time of year that my four-month-long funk starts in, and I just want to hibernate like a brown bear until spring - just be sure to wake me up for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and Bethanie's birthday (late January). Okay, also for the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl.

At least the kids are old enough to shovel snow - my back just can't take it anymore...

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