Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shameless Plug from a Proud Uncle

I don't go out to see movies very often (mainly because they're so froggin' expensive), and I am not a big fan of thriller-type movies, but a couple that I would love to see (if they come to a theatre rather than straight to DVD) are a couple of indie flicks: Fog Warning and Person of Interest.

Now why, pray tell, would I want to see these? For no other reason than that my nephew, Cuyle Carvin, is in them. Yup - the youngest son of my #3 brother (I have five), William (a.k.a. "Pee Wee" - a topic for another day), is a fairly new actor - hasn't made it "big" yet (or whatever his aspiration may be) - and has made a few appearances in a soap or three (can we say "party-goer #7"?). Yup - he's now in a couple of movies. From what I hear tell, he also played a publisher in the pilot episode of "Cashmere Mafia" (which if/when it airs, will be a boon to you fans of the magically-delicious Lucy Liu), and has played a bartender in an episode of "Rescue Me" (I have never watched that show, but I hear it's rather popular) - I believe it was an episode from the 2006 season called "Discovery".

You could say I'm more than a bit proud of Cuyle...

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