Saturday, November 03, 2007

Feeling Flushed

Just when you thought I might miss a day... here I am!

It has been a long, busy day. First, I (finally!) got around to getting all of air-conditioners out of the windows and back into the garage for the winter. That was the easy job, potential for hernias notwithstanding. Next was the real challenge: replacing a toilet seat in the second-floor bathroom. Now, on the surface that doesn't seem like a big deal - and normally it wouldn't be - but this was a really old seat being replaced. These days, the hinges and bolts and such are all made from plastic of some sort, but these were made of metal (yes, that old). Now, metal bolts and hinges on a toilet seat - especially one that has been there for who-knows-how-many decades - tend to not want to be removed from where its been most happily installed for oh-so long. I ended up having to take a hacksaw to the bolts to convince it that it must go. It takes a goodly amount of time to hacksaw through two 3/8" metal bolts. Let me tell you, after being bent over a toilet for a long time (and not for reasons more familiar to me from college), inhaling metal dust being spat forth from my frantic sawing, I've pretty much called it a day after that!

But we do now have a brand-spanking-new toilet seat in place - complete with nice, white (for now), plastic hardware (which thankfully isn't as hard as its predecessor).

I think that should be enough potty-talk for one day.

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  1. nothing like corroded metal to tell you who's boss.
    great read.