Monday, November 05, 2007


Keyed Up, originally uploaded by CraftyGuy.

Happy(?) Monday!

Mondays are hard enough as it is, but why do I need to endure three meetings on a Monday, the first of which was at 9am? I'm sorry, I'm not sufficiently caffeinated by then, you'll just have to wait - or you can just hold the meeting at your own peril. Yes I'm already keyed-up today.

But somehow the 4-5pm meeting was the most annoying. Why? Because I have a ride to/from work on Mondays, and I usually need to leave by 4:30. Other days, I have to leave by 4, because I have a life (rather, I want to ensure that Patti and the kids are able to get to whatever evening things that might be scheduled). Fortunately the person I was riding with today had no problems occupying himself for the extra 30 minutes or so while I sat through my little fun-fest.

Oh, and those 4pm meetings won't be happening anymore (or at least shouldn't be). I scheduled in a "dummy" appointment in Outlook from 4-5pm everyday so that any automatic scheduling (that looks for when you're free, and then robs you of that free time slot) will see that I'm "busy".

I wonder if I could get away with blocking out the 9am time slot as well... Probably not. Ah well - just keep the coffee coming...

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